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Student Feedback

  • Suryadoi Saha

    Suryadoi Saha

    Digital Web Avenue is the best PHP training institute in Kolkata. I have learnt basic to advance things from Suman sir. Now I am working in Accenture, Hyderabad.

  • Samaresh Pal

    Samaresh Pal

    I am Samaresh Pal and I have done PHP/Mysql Course from Digital Web Avenue. I have performed well and they have recruited me as a PHP Developer.

  • Rajan Singh

    Rajan Singh

    I am Rajan Singh and I have done B.Tech(CSE). I have done PHP Course from Digital Web Avenue and currently working as PHP developer in Digital Web Avenue.

  • Sourav Roy

    Sourav Roy

    This is a very good institute for learning basic to advance level PHP Programming. This Institute also provide job assistance for a job seeker. Special thanks to Suborna Sir.

  • Sandeep Pradhan

    Sandeep Pradhan

    Digital Web Avenue is one of the best training institute to learn PHP.I recommend Digital Web Avenue training institute for learning PHP and MySql. Suman and Suborna Sir are very co-operative and friendly.

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PHP Training in Kolkata

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Have you completed your graduation? Now looking for a bright future? If yes, get trained in PHP to find a prestigious job that can ensure you a lucrative amount at the end of each month.

Chances are higher if you are in Kolkata. PHP training in Kolkata offers you more opportunities. At the end of the training, you get easily employed at any reputable IT firm in Kolkata.

Want to know about it in detail? Go through the article.

What is PHP?

PHP is a widely-used open source server-side scripting language designed for web development. It has extensive uses as a general-purpose programming language. The most advantageous part is that PHP can be embedded into HTML. To build a dynamic e-commerce website, PHP is second to none.

After the successful implementation of globalization, privatization and liberalization, the importance of PHP does not wait for an explanation. To be more precise, when businesses are looking for the new ways to sell their products, crossing the interface of their countries, then online stores and ecommerce websites are ruling the roost. PHP is the best programming language for developing various ecommerce websites in different frameworks like WordPress, (Woocommerce), Magento, Joomla, Opencart, Zen Cart, etc. Besides, PHP/MySQL is used to build many dynamic websites like CMS Website, Custom Application, Web Portal, etc.

Popularity of PHP in the Present Business Milieu

In the present business milieu when business are competing with each other for selling and marketing more across the globe and students are competing for getting the best jobs, the importance of PHP training becomes undeniable. It gets more effective when you take it from a reputable PHP training institute in Kolkata. A PHP training course offered by the professional PHP developers increases the chance of seeking a bright career as an expert web developer. Job vacancies in PHP/MySQL Web development are huge. It is increasing day by day. To meet this increasing demand, Digital Web Avenue has come to the scene well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class faculties and cutting-edge apparatus. We are regularly employing fresh graduates in this training Program.

PHP Training Institute in Kolkata

We are one of the leading professional PHP training centers in Kolkata, India offer graduates and students PHP/MySQL training in Kolkata. Our training center is based in Salt Lake (IT hub of Kolkata), We are dedicated to offering PHP/MySQL Training courses at the most reasonable prices. We have a world-class pool of training instructors having over 10 years experience in the field of Web Development. A few of them have worked with many MNCs and IT giants. Our PHP training courses have designed to help students become a professional and create an identity for them in the global arena. Unlike other PHP training centers Kolkata, we offer PHP training with one Live International Project and WordPress CMS. It helps the trainees to gain practical knowledge on how to deal and satisfy international clients.

Why choose Us
  • Job Oriented Training Program
  • Learn from Experienced PHP Professionals
  • Complete PHP, Mysql,HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Practical training on PHP / MySQL
  • Work on Live International Project
  • Affordable PHP course fees
  • Learn industry standard coding
  • Post training Job assistance.
Who should attend PHP Course
  • Students/Graduates/Professional, who want to make their career in PHP
  • Students/Graduates/Professional, who are looking for PHP jobs
  • Website Designers / SEO Professional with basic programming knowledge
  • Mobile App Developers with basic programming knowledge
  • Complete understanding of PHP/Mysql
  • You can get job easily in Web Development industry
  • You can also work as a freelancer
  • If you perform well then we will appoint you in our organization

PHP Course in Kolkata

  • Course Name: PHP/MySQL Training
  • Course Price: Rs.10,000 (single premium) / Rs.12,000 (3 installments: 4000 x3)
  • Course Duration: 2 Months (Weekly 2-3 Classes)


Admissions going on for April 2017 Batch

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# Module 1
Internet and Web Programming Basic
  • How Internet works
  • What is Web server, FTP Server, Server Control Panel
  • What is required to create Static and Dynamic Website
  • What is PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Small discussion on Current Technology Trends and benefits of PHP
# Module 2
HTML Basics
  • Basic HTML training
  • Different HTML elements, tags attributes
  • HTML DIV Structure
  • HTML Table Structure
  • HTML Hyperlinks Images
  • HTML Forms
# Module 3
CSS, JavaScript Basics
  • Basic CSS Ideas with example
  • Applying font, color, size etc
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript variables, loops, conditional statements
  • JavaScript Array, String, Functions
  • JavaScript Form Validation
# Module 4
Introduction to PHP
  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP variables, Data Types, Type Casting
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP loops (for, for each, while, do, while) with examples
  • PHP conditional statements (if, else, switch case) with examples
  • XAMPP Installation
# Module 5
PHP Array String
  • Introduction to PHP Array
  • PHP Array Functions
  • Loop through PHP Array Items
  • Multi Dimensional Array
  • String Basis
  • PHP String Functions
  • XAMPP Installation
# Module 6
PHP Functions
  • Date Time Functions
  • File Handling Functions
  • How to include files in PHP
  • How to upload a File and Image
  • Image handling Functions
# Module 7
PHP Sessions Cookies
  • Understanding Sessions
  • Use of PHP session
  • Handling session data
  • Understanding Cookies
  • Use of PHP Cookies
  • Handling cookie data
  • Login/Logout program
# Module 8
PHP Emails
  • PHP Email function
  • How to send HTML Email
  • How to attach File in Email
# Module 9
Introduction to MySQL Database
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin training
  • Creating Database, Table
  • Concept of Primary Key, Foreign Key, Unique Key
  • Table Joining
  • SQL Order By, Grouping
  • Import / Export data using PHPMyadmin
# Module 10
PHP Programming with MySQL Database and Forms
  • PHP form building, Get Post Methods
  • Add/Update/Delete/Select Data from MySQL database using PHP.
  • Database driven PHP Web App for Add/Edit/Delete/View Results etc.
# Module 11
  • What is AJAX?
  • Understanding XMLHttpRequest
  • Using Database in Ajax
  • Ajax add/view/edit/delete example
# Module 12
Introduction to WordPress
  • What is Wordpress
  • Wordpress Admin
  • How to create Pages/Posts, Menus, Widgets
  • Wordpress Template Creation
  • How to install Plug ins
Final Module
  • Complete Project on PHP/Wordpress with MySQL, HTML, Javascript.
  • File upload, update and delete using FTP.
  • Post training Job Assistance Support.

Trainer Profiles

Suborna Fermi

Suborna Fermi

12+ Years Experience In PHP, CodeIgniter, Smarty, Opencart, Wordpress, Magento

Suman Singha Roy

Suman Singha Roy

11+ Years Experience In PHP, Opencart, Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB


Admissions going on for April 2017 Batch

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