Use These 10 Tips and Make Your Website More Interactive with WordPress

  • January 31st, 2017
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It is seen, in the past few years, most of the companies all around the world have undergone a rapid change virtually or online. These days, hundreds of thousands of companies are depending on the internet to create a niche for as well as improve the presence of business and boost sales at the same time increase traffic. There are countless methodologies that business organizations imply to improve their brand, increase traffic and boost the online presence. To do this effectively and efficiently social media play an important role. Social media helps businesses providing good insight into the marketing campaign.

Build Interactive Website Using WordPress

Web designers as well as developers are getting inventive in designing the websites and graphic designers that help you to get the pictures or images as well as videos in order to maintain the strong online presence. There are various platforms available today by which you can create stunning website just in a few mouse clicks, one of the best is WordPress for sure. Now we will see how to top ten tips can make your website stunning, user-friendly, search engine friendly and more interactive at the same time using WordPress platform. Let us have a look of these ten tips.

  1. Pools & Quizzes – Everybody likes good quiz and pools, if you watch social media, you will come to know about hundreds and thousands of pools and quizzes that attract more and more visitors each day and make the website more and more interactive.
  1. Rating & Feedback – This is one of the most important things for a website to make it more interactive to its visitors. It is no doubt a good idea to see what audiences feel about your website with this rating and feedback.
  1. Rewards Your Visitors – Every person becomes more and more interested in visiting a place that would be rewarded. And if your website shows it that visitors would be rewarded then this could be the best tips to add it. Why not it for your website?
  1. Try to Post Audience Content – Who does not want to become popular, almost anyone. This could be the best option when you post your audience content. It is extremely attractive for your WordPress website become more and more interactive.
  1. Chat & Post – These two things are important, if you chat and post then your website could be interactive. Hope you have seen some website that get many visitors each day with this excellent option posted in their website. You can do it with the help of a plug-in.
  1. Flipbooks – Flipbooks sometime called PDF, in the time they are viewed on mobile phones. They generally take long time to open, but if you use flipbooks with your WordPress website then you get many advantages for sure.
  1. Show Games – Games are very lucrative for sure. It is seen that websites provide their visitors play games get countless visitors. So this could be your choice if you want to increase your website’s visitors and ranking, you can provide games to play your visitors.
  1. Show Image Maps – Image maps are great, if you regularly visit ecommerce website then you must have seen how image maps help visitors decide if they need to buy products or services.
  1. Social Media Widgets – Social media widgets are great, especially for your blog or informative websites that provide information to their visitors. So that they can share the information they come across and liked.
  1. Related Posts – Posts that are related to the website or blog or are related to the web page would be preferable for more interaction with your visitors.

The more your website interactive is the more crow or visitors you will get. The best and most effective way to boost your website’s rank is making the website user-friendly and sear-engine friendly at the same time, so that your website is loved by search engines and visitors using the above described tips possible.

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