Top 10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Web Design Project

  • March 29th, 2017
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When your visitors land on your website, within 5-6 seconds they will know what your company does and what your company provides. If it is a product and/or service, then they will browse sometimes. Whether they do not understand, what your company provides, they will jump to others. If it happens, then you need to reconsider the layout of your website. You might need to change your website design strategy as well. Your website should be designed perfectly, so that it can clearly communicate with your visitors.

Importantly, what your company does and why your company does it. If you have an extremely high bounce rate, you need to think of your website’s overall design and layout. Sometimes the problem could lie among the elements of your website.

Web Design Tips That You May Apply

Here we have discussed top ten website design tips to ensure that you are going in the perfect direction. There is nothing worse than a site, which is turning visitors away.

  1. Jot Down a Plan – When you decided to design your website, you need to ensure that your website is the face of your company. Your website should say more about your company and products/services at the same time. The things you need to have and to avoid. The elements, like plugins, sharing buttons etc. you need to add or avoid. You need to have a detail plan about it.
  1. Delete the Following from Website – You may see that certain element of your company website is going to separate important things of your business, for example value of information. Your visitors will certainly do not like you use flash in website. It is quite irritating when your visitors visit a website, which uses flash and hard to read the information properly. Flash will reduce your website speed that is not good for SEO as well.
  1. Always Include Social Media Share & Follow Buttons – Create a website that helps you visitors or audience follow and share your post. You can include the social media share and follow button on every page of your site. By every page means your landing or home page, blog post as well as marketing emails.
  1. Implement Call To Action Button – You should not be afraid of asking your visitors to do something or to add a call to action. You can tell them click here for more posts. You can tell them for more information you can download the sample etc. This is good to promote your website, products and services at the same time.
  1. Try to Use the Perfect Images – The images you post on your website certainly same many things about your products and services. You should post only those images that are relevant to your website, products or services, so that your visitors can understand the information connected with them. For example, you can use real images of your office or employees.
  1. Think About Navigation – When you build a website, your objective should be to build a website that gives good user experience. See the navigation of your website when design a website. If you are from web design background, you must know navigation is the key. It helps your visitors engage with your website and see your products and or services.
  • In accordance with HubSpot survey, more than 75 percent of people from web design background think navigation of a site is most important element of web design.
  1. Let Your Website Visitors Scroll Your Website – You should not design your website homepage longer. You should consider the following elements of your website.
  • Proposition of value
  • Showing videos
  • Service overview
  • About us information
  • Showing some testimonials as a proof
  • Showing case studies and other important resources
  1. Remove the Fear of White Space – The theory of removing fear of white space is still holds true. Most of the designers think they need to fill every inch of their website with certain textual information or images. You should consider that white space sometimes holds an essential element of web design.
  1. Responsive Website – Here we do not want to discuss more about responsive website design. Hope you know today’s age is the age of responsive web design. Whatever the website you create, your website should be mobile friendly. A recent study has shown more than 80 percent of visitors do access websites through mobile devices.
  1. Get Found Around the Web – Finally, it is all about being found in the web. Your website should be user-friendly and search-engine friendly at the same time. However, you are not only creating your website for search engine but also for visitors. In spite of all, your website should be search engine friendly, because a search engine friendly website only found around the web.

Last, but certainly not the least, the above given ten points will help you build a website that are relevant to the needs of the visitors. When your visitors are happy, your project is successful.

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