What to Learn About New Web Development Technologies in 2017

  • April 4th, 2017
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Web development is one of the most demanding and fastest growing domains in technology. The scope or opportunity of creating website, better to say the high-end UI design is growing every day. It is growing for newest most powerful front-end tech development and solutions. Now you have various web application and development frameworks, such as:

  • UI libraries
  • Mobile development and technologies
  • Other software applications

The above mentioned frameworks are called front-end frameworks. The User Interface libraries allow web developers experiment with a wide range of new scopes in many new areas of web development. At present time, there is an increased demand for experienced and expert web and mobile application developers in the market. Today’s web development is beyond doubt a lucrative domain, because the scope of work and carrier growth is very high.

Software developers who have some basic skills, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript can easily and quickly learn the fundamental of web development. They can learn the latest things of front-end technology as well.

Let us see the things you need to learn about latest web development technologies in the year of 2017.

  • Angular 2 Fundamental – Angular JavaScript is one of the most powerful web development technology ever used. It is a popular among the web developers in India. Of late, Angular JS went through an updated version named Angular 2. It is nothing but a modern cross-platform front-end framework that has combined all important features of Angular JS. 
  • jQuery from Scratch – If you are a developer, you must know that mobile development is a nice domain. It has tremendous opportunity in terms of long-term career growth. jQuery is one of the most powerful and highly usable software technology in mobile. This technology allows mobile developers improve the cross-platform mobile apps, which run on different mobile devices, for instance, smartphones and tablets.
  • Web Application from Cake PHP Framework – PHP developers want to grasp the power of Cake PHP framework should look no further than learning the latest web development technologies. Cake PHP is one for sure. It is highly useful and suitable for mobile developers, who want to build latest web applications. It helps you learn the practical aspects of building functional project management applications from the scratch. 
  • Data Visualization Using D3JS – One of the most important aspect of today’s business process is data visualization. It allows you one essential thing, which helps interact you with high end ocular segments or elements. These visual elements are using widely for web application development in a large scale in different parts of the world. Elements like statistical diagrams, pie, bar and other important charts and much, much more. Data visualization helps business owners present various complex data, chart and diagrams in a quick way that can be easy to understand to everyone.
  • Web Application with Laravel Framework with PHP – Web developers want to update their skills in PHP should learn Laravel PHP framework. It is a powerful open-source PHP framework at present day. The lasted Laravel PHP framework is combined with all new features, like queue library, ORM, authentication and more that help web developers building high-end web application.

The above described five things are very, very important for web developers. The majority of web developers are learning Laravel framework with PHP, Data visualization with D3JS, Cake PHP framework, jQuery and Angular 2 fundamental to update their web development skills. They are not only good for getting knowledge about the applications but also good for hands-on experience. You can pen down them and learn one by one to get a complete grasp on each application.

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