5 Custom Website Design Trends of 2017

  • August 4th, 2017
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Website Design Trends

Nowadays, everything is available online. If it is a matter of business then the trend has shifted to developing a website for the business. The design of a website is largely dependent on the technology of the current time. As the technological trends of website designing are on an ever changing spree the websites have also to be designed accordingly. This will help the sites to browse faster and be effective. If you are considering getting your website designed then you should get acquainted with the latest website design trends of 2017. In this article, we have mentioned the top five designs so that you know about them and can use them to designing your website.

User Experience Design

Earlier the web designs used to be more traditional than it is now. Now, the designers are concentrating on creating beautiful websites so that you can improve the experience of the users. More than providing an attractive site the developers has shifted their focus to make the sites friendlier for the users. Thus, they have included sleek navigation, readability, smooth functionality, fast loading speed and many more things and are in the process of improving them further more in the coming years.

Minimalistic Design

Earlier the developers used to add several features to the site in order to see increased functionality. But most users prefer good user experience over functionality. So, minimalistic design has come into existence. This designing strategy makes the developers add only the most important features without which the user experience will be incomplete.

Responsive Website Design

If you have been among the early internet users then you might have noticed often that when you tried to open a certain website from the mobile phones, it used to give error messages. Why did that happen? Well, it was simply because the web pages were not responsive. This means that the pages did not fit to the screen size of the device you tried to open them from. Over the year much awareness has been around and now there are lesser sites found that aren’t responsive. This was actually prompted by the increased mobile users. From then the responsive sites have become an important trend and in 2017 and later the trend is expected to get more popular.

Immersive Video Content Usage

With more and more internet usage viewing of video content has become popular. Videos now consume over 70% of the internet traffic. In 2016 there was a rise of virtual reality videos more commonly called the 3D videos. These types of videos are expected to get more popular this year. So, this one is an emerging trend of 2017 that promises to increase in its popularity.

Increased Use of Micro Interaction

As an owner of a website, your focus should be to maximize the user interaction with your websites. This will improve the engagement level. As a consequence, there will be more conversion levels for the site. To solve this issue of user interaction, the micro interactions have been introduced. These are single task based functionalities that help the users to engage directly with the sites. Most common example is the shopping cart confirmation feedback, Facebook like and share button, etc. These help to complete an action and also show them the result of the action, in the form of a message.

The user experience can be enhanced by utilizing the space more efficiently, making the contents appealing, and increase responsiveness. Another proven formula is to make the sites fast to load. The above-mentioned designs help to achieve greater functionalities and increase the relevant information that the users can avail. So, whenever you design your website, make sure to hire a professional web designing company to get the best features in the website.

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