10 Hottest Web Design Trends You Should Know for 2017

  • January 17th, 2017
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Changes in trends are well known to all. It also happens in creative world and web designing is not the exception. Experimentation and modernization give birth of new trends and drive factors toward changes. The deviation in trends pushes all the industries forward for better future and better revenue. The environment of web is continuously evolving towards betterment and to provide more clear exposure to the viewers regarding information, ideas, services and products. Keeping in mind the constant changing process of web, we are going to pen down the ten most upcoming web design trends for 2017.

Let us have a brief discussion of the new and hottest trends of Web Design for 2017.

1. Implementation of Mobile First Approach

Mobile first design will be taken worldwide by different companies for their websites. The concept is not so new in trend, but this concept will get more importance in this year. It is proven fact that mobile devices are used primarily to browsing websites. Hence, companies tend to build a website that can deliver content on small screen devices swiftly.

2. Adoption of Responsive Design

The implementation of web responsive design will be increased than ever. Small, medium or large, every brand will show interest making responsive website design. Website owners who still have no responsive designs, it is necessary to think building responsive website along with CSS media queries. CSS media queries will offer flexibility to websites and allow the websites to fit into different sized devices.

3. Website Designing In Minimalistic Way

Minimalistic website designing idea will be taken worldwide for business websites. Users will experience a card instead of conventional homepage or landing page. Website designers can use multiple cards to present the topic, ideas and products of the website. It will entice the visitors to click and the bounce rate of website will be decreased.

4. Increased Rate of Utilizing Rapid prototyping Tools

Not only there will be a change in web design trend but also a growing use of Rapid prototyping tools will be increased. This tool hits the web design plethora with bang. It is going to be the must have tool for every web, UI as well as UX designer. Rapid prototyping tools from Marvel, UXpin, InVision and more services help the designers creating low or high reliability sites’ prototypes as well as services that determine easiest user accessibility with aesthetic look.

5. Data visualization

Data along with analytics will gain more priority and importance like never before. Time onwards the brands and companies allow their visitors to put a glance at the statistics that users can have the better idea of the products or services that they are thinking to take. It will increase customer loyalty as well as draw the attention of users fast. Presenting data with information also increases the rate of user interaction.

6. Take in the Idea of Material design
Material design idea is ready to taken in by many business websites. The idea was developed by Google few years back. Now the Material designing idea has been adopted gradually implemented engaging users to the websites. Material designing is nothing but a search term. .

7. Long Scrolling Trend in websites

Users will experience more and more websites with long scrolling feature. Long scrolling websites ensures the increasing rate of success catching attention of users. this feature also allows users to scroll for more time and come across new content.

8. Website with more authentic Pictures
People want to see always real things instead of imagery things. Hence, website designers would use real image rather than stock photography. Authentic photography will replace the stock images in field of website designing.

9. Credibility of UI Patterns & Framework

Today, website owners tend to use WordPress and pre designed themes to provide attractive look of their websites. It is also seen that the usage UI and UX patterns are getting higher in web designing. Website owners try to use simple and easy to navigate website designs that to provide better user experience.

10. GIF & Animation

the application of GIF and animation in website design is increased rapidly. It can be said that GIF is the mainstream of web design nowadays. GIF and animation work very well drawing attention of users towards product information and they work as user guide.

Wrapping up all the things, it can be said that above mentioned changes in web design field work pretty great in this year 2017 drawing users’ attention to websites and also for online business.

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